Reasons Why Girls Prefer To Become Escorts

As a woman, how would you feel if every time you went out in public you were ogled and catcalled as if you were nothing but an object for the pleasure of others? Is it any wonder then that some women might choose to become escorts, where they are treated with respect and dignity?

The truth is that while many women decide to become Bangkok escort review sites because they enjoy sex and the sense of power it gives them over men, many others do so because it's the last resort. It's sad but true that so many people think of sex workers as being abused or degraded when in reality nearly all are doing this as their own choice.

Benefits of Choosing To Become an Escort

Flexibility to Work:

If you're a woman and you decide to turn to escorting to make ends meet, then you need to bear in mind that this is not a permanent solution. You will have to be flexible in your choice of clients, who can range from married men seeking romance and intimacy to older, rich men seeking companionship.

In all cases, you will find that being a female escort is much less restrictive than other kinds of work and that your freedom will grow as your income does. In terms of finding clients, just remember the rule that if they're rich and white they won't want a black female escort; likewise, if they're young then they won't want an older model.

Work-Life Balance:

As an escort, you won't have to put your personal life on hold. Most men are more than happy to hire women to accompany them on their business trips. If they need someone to look after their children while they're away then they more than happy to bring you along. In this way, you'll keep full contact with your friends and family, which won't be as time-consuming as if you were a full-time employee.

Better Work Life Balance:

Many women make the mistake of working too hard. They think that being a full-time escort will mean endless late nights and weekends spent in the club or hotel room, but this simply isn't the case.

Many clients are more than happy to hire a companion for an evening or a weekend, and even those men who prefer escorts over other forms of sexual services can appreciate that they don't have to spend half their lives with someone they aren't attracted to.

Better Self Esteem:

Be honest with yourself – if you become a high class escort, then you will stand out from the crowd and be proud of what you do for living. You can turn heads when you walk down the street, and if you are in the company of a rich and respected man then other women will notice your self-assurance and wonder how you got to be where you are.


Being an outcall escort is one of the easiest ways of gaining equality with men, because you'll be treated as an equal. Even if men pay for your time, it won't mean that they think of you as an object.

On the contrary, most men who are attracted to escorts respect them more than they would women they meet at a coffee shop or at work. Just remember that as much as your clients will respect you, you must also respect them.