What to Consider While Connecting with QuaiQuPai Mini Program Mall?


Recently, social media giant Tencent released its Download KuaiQuPai Mini Program. As a result, many artists, designers, and other types of creative professionals flooded the platform to promote their work in hopes of attracting fans and followers. The concept is simple; you can sign up and create a mini-program that connects with the QuaiQuPai Instant Messaging service users.

In return for advertising their mini-programs to their friends through the chat function on their phones, users can earn points redeemed for virtual gifts or real money. It's one of the first forms of monetization for Chinese platforms, and it seems like a viable way to gain exposure without spending a lot of money. However, before deciding to get involved with it, you should consider the following points.

  1. The Platform is Rather New and Still in Beta-Testing Phase

The platform is still in its testing phase, and some users reported problems accessing their mini-programs or receiving points after signing up. These issues were due to the company's server overloads due to the massive response that the program received, and it has been working hard to fix them as soon as possible.

To begin with, you need to register as a mini-program developer by creating an account with Tencent, which also operates QQ IM, QuaiQuPai and other apps. Next, you need to download the QuaiQuPai app and sign up using your mobile number. Once you do this, you can create your mini program.

  1. You Should Build a Fan Following Before Starting Your Mini Program

You need a brand that people know and trust to build a fan following. So it would help if you had your mini-program fulfil a real-life need for your followers. The better it meets that need, the more likely they will trust you and use your service.

If you're creating a game, for example, find out what games people are playing and what games they love. Then make the mini-program a part of that game. You don't want to create a dating app if your target audience doesn't play games or already have an existing interest in them. Otherwise, you won't be able to keep their attention for long.

  1. You Should Keep Up with the Latest Trends and Add More Features

Although it's hard to imagine anyone using a virtual gift over real money as compensation for their services, the program will likely generate significant buzz. As a result, you'll need to be on the lookout for new features and tools that enhance the program.

For example, you could integrate your mini-program with QuaiQuPai Pay so that customers can use the virtual currency you've created to pay for real-life products at nearby retailers. You will also have to keep up with new trends by regularly updating your service.

Taking these points into account will help you decide whether it's a good idea to participate in QuaiQuPai Mini Program Mall. If you do decide to get started, keep an eye out for promotional incentives so that your mini-program can make the most of the buzz it generates on the platform.